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For most people, buying or selling real estate is the biggest transaction in their lives. There are many exciting aspects of buying and selling real estate. Buyers, especially first time homeowners, get the satisfaction of settling into a new property. Likewise, sellers gain a monetary benefit and the chance to move forward with a more secure financial future. Real estate sales are inherently complicated, as is the applicable law. 

In California, both buyers and sellers have certain obligations to meet during any real estate transaction. When one party does not do what is required, or violates the contract, the other party can suffer financial harm. If you can relate, consider hiring a local, experienced real estate lawyer such as John P. Hannon II. You may be entitled to financial compensation based on the damages you suffered.

Misrepresentations and Failure to Disclose in Real Estate Matters

An important part of any real estate transaction involves disclosures. State law requires disclosing certain problems with residential and commercial properties. These disclosures may include major flaws in the building foundation, electrical problems, or the presence of lead paint. Generally, it is the seller’s or his or her agent’s responsibility to make these disclosures. Failing to disclose can certainly negatively impact the buyer. He or she may not have made the purchase had he or she received the required disclosures.

Similar to failing to disclose major problems with a property, buyers suffer when the seller or his or her agent misrepresents the state of the property. Unfortunately, this is a common issue for homeowners. A seller or real estate agent may knowingly make false representations about the property, inducing the seller to buy. This can be a huge problem for the buyer, who will have to deal with these unknown issues. Clearly, there is a big financial loss at stake for the buyer. State law also prohibits these misrepresentations in real estate sales, in an effort to protect the buyer.

Violating the Real Estate Contract

Even if all issues are properly represented and disclosed, there are a number of ways a real estate transaction can lead to a legal dispute. Buying and selling property involves legal contracts that detail each party’s obligations. Beyond the actual sale, you may also have a contract with your realtor, home inspector, or other party. You rely on all these parties doing what they say they will do. Just like failing to disclose or making false representations, violating a contract can result in devastating financial harm. If another party to your real estate deal has broken your contract, you could be entitled to compensation for that harm.

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